fltk::ItemGroup Class Reference

Inherits fltk::Menu.

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Public Member Functions

void draw ()
int handle (int)
 ItemGroup (const char *label=0, bool begin=false)
 ItemGroup (const char *label, const Symbol *, bool begin=false)
void layout ()

Detailed Description

This widget describes a set of items that are to be put inside a fltk::Menu or fltk::Browser widget. It indicates the title of a submenu, or a level of hierarchy in the browser. Any child widgets are the items in that submenu, or the items under this parent in the browser.

If this widget is told to draw, it draws just like fltk::Item draws. See that for more details. The triangle indicating a submenu is not drawn by this, it is drawn by the parent menu.

Because this is an fltk::Menu subclass, you can also call popup() and add() and other methods to manipulate the items inside it.

In a Browser, the value() indicates if the widget is open or not. In a MultiBrowser, the selected() indicates if the widget is currently selected.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ItemGroup::ItemGroup ( const char *  l = 0,
bool  begin = false 

Unlike other widgets the constructor does not take any dimensions, since it is assummed the container widget will size this correctly.

ItemGroup::ItemGroup ( const char *  l,
const Symbol i,
bool  begin = false 

This constructor also sets image().

Member Function Documentation

void ItemGroup::draw ( void  ) [virtual]

Fltk calls this virtual function to draw the widget, after setting up the graphics (current window, xy translation, etc) so that any drawing functions will go into this widget.

User code should not call this! You probably want to call redraw().

The default version calls draw_box() and draw_label(), thus drawing the box() to fill the widget and putting the label() and image() inside it to fill it, unless the align() flags are set to put it outside.

Information on how to write your own version is here.

Reimplemented from fltk::Group.

int ItemGroup::handle ( int  ) [virtual]

Returns 0 always. Items do not accept any events. Any results of clicking on them is handled by the parent Menu or Browser.

Reimplemented from fltk::Group.

void ItemGroup::layout ( ) [virtual]

Does nothing. This avoids wasting time measuring all the menu items.

Reimplemented from fltk::Menu.

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