fltk::FrameBox Class Reference

Inherited by PlasticBox, and RoundBox.

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Public Member Functions

 FrameBox (const char *name, int dx, int dy, int dw, int dh, const char *pattern, const Box *down=0)

Detailed Description

This box class interprets a small string stored in data() to indicate the gray shades to draw around the edge of the box and can be used to draw simple bezels.

The box is drawn by calling drawframe() or drawframe2() if the string starts with a '2'.

The normal up box draws the pattern "AAWWHHTT"

The normal down_ box draws the pattern "WWHHPPAA"

The PUSHED or STATE flags will cause the pattern from down_() to be used instead, allowing you to draw a different bezel when pushed in.

The INVISIBLE flag will not draw the interior, which can make many widgets draw faster and with less blinking.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FrameBox::FrameBox ( const char *  name,
int  dx,
int  dy,
int  dw,
int  dh,
const char *  pattern,
const Box *  down = 0 
) [inline]

Constructor where you give the thickness of the borders used by inset().

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