fltk::Browser::Mark Class Reference

#include <Browser.h>

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Public Member Functions

int compare (const Mark &mark2) const
bool is_set () const
 Mark ()
 Mark (const Mark &)
const Markoperator= (const Mark &)
void unset ()
 ~Mark ()

Private Attributes

int index0
 used as *indexes if indexes_size==1
int * indexes
 array of indexes
unsigned indexes_size
 allocated size
unsigned level
 depth in hierarchy of the item
unsigned open_level
 depth of highest closed parent
int position
 distance in pixels from top of browser


class fltk::Browser

Detailed Description

A "Mark" is like a pointer ot a widget somewhere in the hierarchy of the Browser. It is an array of child indicies, and also the vertical position and indexnumber (which is used to decide strip colour) of the item

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fltk::Browser::Mark::Mark ( ) [inline]

The default constructor initialises every member to 0

Browser::Mark::Mark ( const Mark source)

Copy constructor. Copies one Mark to another

sourceThe Mark to copy
fltk::Browser::Mark::~Mark ( ) [inline]

The destructor deletes the array of cihld indicies

Member Function Documentation

int Browser::Mark::compare ( const Mark mark2) const

Compares the current mark's position to another mark's position

mark2The mark to compare with
-2 or less if this is before mark2
-1 if this is a parent of mark2
0 if this is equal to mark2
1 if this is a child of mark2
2 or greater if this is after mark2
bool fltk::Browser::Mark::is_set ( ) const [inline]

Checks whether this Mark is being used

true if it's being used, false otherwise
const Browser::Mark & Browser::Mark::operator= ( const Mark source)

Assignment. Overwrites the current Mark with source

sourceThe Mark to overwrite with
void fltk::Browser::Mark::unset ( ) [inline]

Removes this Mark

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