fltk::AssociationFunctor Class Reference

Class used by the foreach() functions. More...

#include <WidgetAssociation.h>

Inherited by GlueFunctor, and keyCompareFunctor.

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool handle (const AssociationType &, const Widget *, void *data)=0

Detailed Description

Class used by the foreach() functions.

Base class for the association functor that is used in foreach(). If you want to supply your specific actions to do with the associated data found by the foreach() functions you need to derive from this class and provide a new handle function.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool fltk::AssociationFunctor::handle ( const AssociationType ,
const Widget ,
void *  data 
) [pure virtual]

For each found association this function is called. If the function returns true the loop is aborted and the data pointer for the current association is returned

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