fltk/FL_VERSION.h File Reference

#include "FL_API.h"


namespace  fltk


#define FL_MAJOR_VERSION   2
 The major release number, 1 or 2.
#define FL_MINOR_VERSION   1
 The minor release number, 0-9.
#define FL_PATCH_VERSION   0
 The patch number, 0-999.


double fltk::version ()

Detailed Description

The FLTK version number. Allows you to write conditionally compiled code for different versions of FLTK. This file may be included by C code in case you need it there.

FL_VERSION is a macro double that describes the major, minor, and patch version numbers. The integer value is the major number. One digit is used for the minor number, and three for the "patch" number which is increased for each binary differnt release (it can go to 999).

Because double cannot be used in #if statements, the integer numbers are in the FL_MAJOR_VERSION, FL_MINOR_VERSION, and FL_PATCH_VERSION macro constants.