FLTK 1.4.0
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Fl_Help_Font_Stack Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

size_t count () const
 Gets the current count of font style elements in the stack.
 Fl_Help_Font_Stack ()
 font stack construction, initialize attributes.
void init (Fl_Font f, Fl_Fontsize s, Fl_Color c)
void pop (Fl_Font &f, Fl_Fontsize &s, Fl_Color &c)
 Pops from the stack the font style triplet and calls fl_font() & fl_color() adequately.
void push (Fl_Font f, Fl_Fontsize s, Fl_Color c)
 Pushes the font style triplet on the stack, also calls fl_font() & fl_color() adequately.
void top (Fl_Font &f, Fl_Fontsize &s, Fl_Color &c)
 Gets the top (current) element on the stack.

Protected Attributes

Fl_Help_Font_Style elts_ [MAX_FL_HELP_FS_ELTS]
 font elements
size_t nfonts_
 current number of fonts in stack

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