FLTK 1.4.0
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Fl_Cairo_State Class Reference

Contains all the necessary info on the current cairo context. More...

#include <Fl_Cairo.H>

Public Member Functions

bool autolink () const
 Gets the autolink option. See Fl::cairo_autolink_context(bool)
void autolink (bool b)
 Sets the autolink option, only available with –enable-cairoext.
cairo_t * cc () const
 Gets the current cairo context.
void cc (cairo_t *c, bool own=true)
 Sets the current cairo context.
void * gc () const
 Gets the last gc attached to a cc.
void gc (void *c)
 Sets the gc c to keep track on.
void * window () const
 Gets the last window attached to a cc.
void window (void *w)
 Sets the window w to keep track on.

Detailed Description

Contains all the necessary info on the current cairo context.

A private internal & unique corresponding object is created to permit cairo context state handling while keeping it opaque. For internal use only.

Only available when configure has the –enable-cairo or –enable-cairoext option or one or both of the CMake options FLTK_OPTION_CAIRO_WINDOW or FLTK_OPTION_CAIRO_EXT is set (ON)

Member Function Documentation

◆ cc()

void Fl_Cairo_State::cc ( cairo_t *  c,
bool  own = true 

Sets the current cairo context.

own == true (the default) indicates that the cairo context c will be deleted by FLTK internally when another cc is set later.

own == false indicates cc deletion is handled externally by the user program.

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