mac.H File Reference

Mac OS X-specific symbols. More...

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class  Fl_Mac_App_Menu
 Mac OS-specific class allowing to customize and localize the application menu. More...


void fl_mac_set_about (Fl_Callback *cb, void *user_data, int shortcut=0)
 Attaches a callback to the "About myprog" item of the system application menu. More...
void fl_open_callback (void(*cb)(const char *))
 Register a function called for each file dropped onto an application icon. More...


int fl_mac_os_version
 The version number of the running Mac OS X (e.g., 100604 for 10.6.4)
class Fl_Sys_Menu_Barfl_sys_menu_bar
 The system menu bar.

Detailed Description

Mac OS X-specific symbols.