FLTK 1.3.7
Deprecated List
Member Fl::release ()
Use Fl::grab(0) instead.
Member Fl::set_idle (Fl_Old_Idle_Handler cb)
This method is obsolete - use the add_idle() method instead.
Member Fl::version ()
Use int Fl::api_version() instead.
Member fl_ask (const char *fmt,...)
fl_ask() is deprecated since it uses "Yes" and "No" for the buttons which does not conform to the current FLTK Human Interface Guidelines. Use fl_choice() with the appropriate verbs instead.
Member fl_clip
fl_clip(int, int, int, int) is deprecated and will be removed from future releases. Please use fl_push_clip(int x, int y, int w, int h) instead.
Member Fl_Group::focus (Fl_Widget *W)
This is for backwards compatibility only.
Member Fl_Menu_Item::check ()
Member Fl_Menu_Item::checked () const
Member Fl_Menu_Item::setonly ()
This method is dangerous if radio items are first in the menu. Use Fl_Menu_::setonly(Fl_Menu_Item*) instead.
Member Fl_Menu_Item::uncheck ()
Member Fl_Spinner::maxinum () const
Member Fl_Spinner::mininum () const
Member Fl_Tree::first_visible ()
in 1.3.3 ABI – use first_visible_item() instead.
Member Fl_Tree::item_clicked (Fl_Tree_Item *val)
in 1.3.3 ABI – use callback_item() instead.
Member Fl_Tree::item_clicked ()
in 1.3.3 ABI – use callback_item() instead.
Member Fl_Tree::last_visible ()
in 1.3.3 – use last_visible_item() instead.
Member Fl_Tree_Item::Fl_Tree_Item (const Fl_Tree_Prefs &prefs)
in 1.3.3 ABI – you must use Fl_Tree_Item(Fl_Tree*) for proper horizontal scrollbar behavior.
Member Fl_Tree_Item::next_displayed (Fl_Tree_Prefs &prefs)
in 1.3.3 for confusing name, use next_visible() instead
Member Fl_Tree_Item::prev_displayed (Fl_Tree_Prefs &prefs)
in 1.3.3 for confusing name, use prev_visible()
This double version number is retained for compatibility with existing program code. New code should use int FL_API_VERSION instead. FL_VERSION is deprecated because comparisons of floating point values may fail due to rounding errors. However, there are currently no plans to remove this deprecated constant.
Member Fl_Widget::color2 (unsigned a)
Use selection_color(unsigned) instead.
Member Fl_Widget::color2 () const
Use selection_color() instead.
Member Fl_Window::free_position ()
please use force_position(0) instead
Member Fl_Window::icon () const
in 1.3.3
Member Fl_Window::icon (const void *ic)
in 1.3.3