FLTK 1.3.8
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1 //
2 // "$Id$"
3 //
4 // Widget header file for the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK).
5 //
6 // Copyright 1998-2015 by Bill Spitzak and others.
7 //
8 // This library is free software. Distribution and use rights are outlined in
9 // the file "COPYING" which should have been included with this file. If this
10 // file is missing or damaged, see the license at:
11 //
12 // http://www.fltk.org/COPYING.php
13 //
14 // Please report all bugs and problems on the following page:
15 //
16 // http://www.fltk.org/str.php
17 //
22 #ifndef Fl_Widget_H
23 #define Fl_Widget_H
25 #include "Enumerations.H"
30 #ifdef _WIN64
31 #if defined(__GNUC__) || defined(__clang__)
32 #include <stdint.h>
33 #else
34 #include <stddef.h> // M$VC
35 #endif
36 typedef intptr_t fl_intptr_t;
37 typedef uintptr_t fl_uintptr_t;
38 #else
39 typedef long fl_intptr_t;
40 typedef unsigned long fl_uintptr_t;
41 #endif
43 class Fl_Widget;
44 class Fl_Window;
45 class Fl_Group;
46 class Fl_Image;
49 typedef void (Fl_Callback )(Fl_Widget*, void*);
51 typedef Fl_Callback* Fl_Callback_p; // needed for BORLAND
53 typedef void (Fl_Callback0)(Fl_Widget*);
55 typedef void (Fl_Callback1)(Fl_Widget*, long);
65 struct FL_EXPORT Fl_Label {
67  const char* value;
84  void draw(int,int,int,int, Fl_Align) const ;
85  void measure(int &w, int &h) const ;
86 };
101 class FL_EXPORT Fl_Widget {
102  friend class Fl_Group;
104  Fl_Group* parent_;
105  Fl_Callback* callback_;
106  void* user_data_;
107  int x_,y_,w_,h_;
108  Fl_Label label_;
109  unsigned int flags_;
110  Fl_Color color_;
111  Fl_Color color2_;
112  uchar type_;
113  uchar damage_;
114  uchar box_;
115  uchar when_;
117  const char *tooltip_;
120  Fl_Widget(const Fl_Widget &);
122  Fl_Widget& operator=(const Fl_Widget &);
124 protected:
136  Fl_Widget(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label=0L);
139  void x(int v) {x_ = v;}
141  void y(int v) {y_ = v;}
143  void w(int v) {w_ = v;}
145  void h(int v) {h_ = v;}
147  unsigned int flags() const {return flags_;}
149  void set_flag(unsigned int c) {flags_ |= c;}
151  void clear_flag(unsigned int c) {flags_ &= ~c;}
155  enum {
156  INACTIVE = 1<<0,
157  INVISIBLE = 1<<1,
158  OUTPUT = 1<<2,
159  NOBORDER = 1<<3,
160  FORCE_POSITION = 1<<4,
161  NON_MODAL = 1<<5,
162  SHORTCUT_LABEL = 1<<6,
163  CHANGED = 1<<7,
164  OVERRIDE = 1<<8,
165  VISIBLE_FOCUS = 1<<9,
166  COPIED_LABEL = 1<<10,
167  CLIP_CHILDREN = 1<<11,
168  MENU_WINDOW = 1<<12,
169  TOOLTIP_WINDOW = 1<<13,
170  MODAL = 1<<14,
171  NO_OVERLAY = 1<<15,
172  GROUP_RELATIVE = 1<<16,
173  COPIED_TOOLTIP = 1<<17,
174  FULLSCREEN = 1<<18,
176  // (space for more flags)
177  USERFLAG3 = 1<<29,
178  USERFLAG2 = 1<<30,
179  USERFLAG1 = 1<<31
180  };
181  void draw_box() const;
182  void draw_box(Fl_Boxtype t, Fl_Color c) const;
183  void draw_box(Fl_Boxtype t, int x,int y,int w,int h, Fl_Color c) const;
184  void draw_backdrop() const;
186  void draw_focus() {draw_focus(box(),x(),y(),w(),h());}
187  void draw_focus(Fl_Boxtype t, int x,int y,int w,int h) const;
188  void draw_label() const;
189  void draw_label(int, int, int, int) const;
191 public:
201  virtual ~Fl_Widget();
219  virtual void draw() = 0;
237  virtual int handle(int event);
247  int is_label_copied() const {return ((flags_ & COPIED_LABEL) ? 1 : 0);}
254  Fl_Group* parent() const {return parent_;}
264  void parent(Fl_Group* p) {parent_ = p;} // for hacks only, use Fl_Group::add()
274  uchar type() const {return type_;}
279  void type(uchar t) {type_ = t;}
284  int x() const {return x_;}
289  int y() const {return y_;}
294  int w() const {return w_;}
299  int h() const {return h_;}
320  virtual void resize(int x, int y, int w, int h);
323  int damage_resize(int,int,int,int);
332  void position(int X,int Y) {resize(X,Y,w_,h_);}
341  void size(int W,int H) {resize(x_,y_,W,H);}
348  Fl_Align align() const {return label_.align_;}
357  void align(Fl_Align alignment) {label_.align_ = alignment;}
363  Fl_Boxtype box() const {return (Fl_Boxtype)box_;}
372  void box(Fl_Boxtype new_box) {box_ = new_box;}
378  Fl_Color color() const {return color_;}
390  void color(Fl_Color bg) {color_ = bg;}
396  Fl_Color selection_color() const {return color2_;}
406  void selection_color(Fl_Color a) {color2_ = a;}
415  void color(Fl_Color bg, Fl_Color sel) {color_=bg; color2_=sel;}
421  const char* label() const {return label_.value;}
433  void label(const char* text);
445  void copy_label(const char *new_label);
450  void label(Fl_Labeltype a, const char* b) {label_.type = a; label_.value = b;}
456  Fl_Labeltype labeltype() const {return (Fl_Labeltype)label_.type;}
466  void labeltype(Fl_Labeltype a) {label_.type = a;}
472  Fl_Color labelcolor() const {return label_.color;}
478  void labelcolor(Fl_Color c) {label_.color=c;}
487  Fl_Font labelfont() const {return label_.font;}
496  void labelfont(Fl_Font f) {label_.font=f;}
502  Fl_Fontsize labelsize() const {return label_.size;}
508  void labelsize(Fl_Fontsize pix) {label_.size=pix;}
514  Fl_Image* image() {return label_.image;}
515  const Fl_Image* image() const {return label_.image;}
521  void image(Fl_Image* img) {label_.image=img;}
527  void image(Fl_Image& img) {label_.image=&img;}
533  Fl_Image* deimage() {return label_.deimage;}
534  const Fl_Image* deimage() const {return label_.deimage;}
540  void deimage(Fl_Image* img) {label_.deimage=img;}
546  void deimage(Fl_Image& img) {label_.deimage=&img;}
552  const char *tooltip() const {return tooltip_;}
554  void tooltip(const char *text); // see Fl_Tooltip
555  void copy_tooltip(const char *text); // see Fl_Tooltip
561  Fl_Callback_p callback() const {return callback_;}
568  void callback(Fl_Callback* cb, void* p) {callback_=cb; user_data_=p;}
574  void callback(Fl_Callback* cb) {callback_=cb;}
580  void callback(Fl_Callback0*cb) {callback_=(Fl_Callback*)cb;}
587  void callback(Fl_Callback1*cb, long p=0) {callback_=(Fl_Callback*)cb; user_data_=(void*)(fl_intptr_t)p;}
593  void* user_data() const {return user_data_;}
599  void user_data(void* v) {user_data_ = v;}
605  long argument() const {return (long)(fl_intptr_t)user_data_;}
611  void argument(long v) {user_data_ = (void*)(fl_intptr_t)v;}
621  Fl_When when() const {return (Fl_When)when_;}
654  void when(uchar i) {when_ = i;}
660  unsigned int visible() const {return !(flags_&INVISIBLE);}
666  int visible_r() const;
685  virtual void show();
690  virtual void hide();
696  void set_visible() {flags_ &= ~INVISIBLE;}
702  void clear_visible() {flags_ |= INVISIBLE;}
708  unsigned int active() const {return !(flags_&INACTIVE);}
714  int active_r() const;
721  void activate();
737  void deactivate();
747  unsigned int output() const {return (flags_&OUTPUT);}
752  void set_output() {flags_ |= OUTPUT;}
757  void clear_output() {flags_ &= ~OUTPUT;}
764  unsigned int takesevents() const {return !(flags_&(INACTIVE|INVISIBLE|OUTPUT));}
781  unsigned int changed() const {return flags_&CHANGED;}
786  void set_changed() {flags_ |= CHANGED;}
791  void clear_changed() {flags_ &= ~CHANGED;}
797  void clear_active() {flags_ |= INACTIVE;}
803  void set_active() {flags_ &= ~INACTIVE;}
812  int take_focus();
820  void set_visible_focus() { flags_ |= VISIBLE_FOCUS; }
826  void clear_visible_focus() { flags_ &= ~VISIBLE_FOCUS; }
832  void visible_focus(int v) { if (v) set_visible_focus(); else clear_visible_focus(); }
838  unsigned int visible_focus() { return flags_ & VISIBLE_FOCUS; }
855  static void default_callback(Fl_Widget *cb, void *d);
861  void do_callback() {do_callback(this,user_data_);}
869  void do_callback(Fl_Widget* o,long arg) {do_callback(o,(void*)(fl_intptr_t)arg);}
871  // Causes a widget to invoke its callback function with arbitrary arguments.
872  // Documentation and implementation in Fl_Widget.cxx
873  void do_callback(Fl_Widget* o,void* arg=0);
875  /* Internal use only. */
876  int test_shortcut();
877  /* Internal use only. */
878  static unsigned int label_shortcut(const char *t);
879  /* Internal use only. */
880  static int test_shortcut(const char*, const bool require_alt = false);
881  /* Internal use only. */
882  void _set_fullscreen() {flags_ |= FULLSCREEN;}
883  void _clear_fullscreen() {flags_ &= ~FULLSCREEN;}
890  int contains(const Fl_Widget *w) const ;
898  int inside(const Fl_Widget* wgt) const {return wgt ? wgt->contains(this) : 0;}
903  void redraw();
909  void redraw_label();
917  uchar damage() const {return damage_;}
931  void clear_damage(uchar c = 0) {damage_ = c;}
938  void damage(uchar c);
946  void damage(uchar c, int x, int y, int w, int h);
948  void draw_label(int, int, int, int, Fl_Align) const;
957  void measure_label(int& ww, int& hh) const {label_.measure(ww, hh);}
959  Fl_Window* window() const ;
960  Fl_Window* top_window() const;
961  Fl_Window* top_window_offset(int& xoff, int& yoff) const;
986  virtual Fl_Group* as_group() {return 0;}
1000  virtual Fl_Window* as_window() {return 0;}
1012  virtual class Fl_Gl_Window* as_gl_window() {return 0;}
1021  Fl_Color color2() const {return (Fl_Color)color2_;}
1026  void color2(unsigned a) {color2_ = a;}
1027 };
1034 #define FL_RESERVED_TYPE 100
1036 #endif
1038 //
1039 // End of "$Id$".
1040 //
This file contains type definitions and general enumerations.
int Fl_Font
A font number is an index into the internal font table.
Definition: Enumerations.H:875
unsigned Fl_Align
FLTK type for alignment control.
Definition: Enumerations.H:826
unsigned int Fl_Color
An FLTK color value; see also Colors
Definition: Enumerations.H:932
The labeltype() method sets the type of the label.
Definition: Enumerations.H:761
int Fl_Fontsize
Size of a font in pixels.
Definition: Enumerations.H:904
These constants determine when a callback is performed.
Definition: Enumerations.H:437
Definition: Enumerations.H:601
void() Fl_Callback1(Fl_Widget *, long)
Callback type definition passing the widget and a long data value.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:55
void() Fl_Callback(Fl_Widget *, void *)
Default callback type definition for all fltk widgets (by far the most used)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:49
long fl_intptr_t
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:39
void() Fl_Callback0(Fl_Widget *)
One parameter callback type definition passing only the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:53
Fl_Callback * Fl_Callback_p
Default callback type pointer definition for all fltk widgets.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:51
The Fl_Gl_Window widget sets things up so OpenGL works.
Definition: Fl_Gl_Window.H:56
The Fl_Group class is the FLTK container widget.
Definition: Fl_Group.H:41
int handle(int)
Handles the specified event.
Definition: Fl_Group.cxx:147
void resize(int, int, int, int)
Resizes the Fl_Group widget and all of its children.
Definition: Fl_Group.cxx:634
Base class for image caching and drawing.
Definition: Fl_Image.H:55
Fl_Widget is the base class for all widgets in FLTK.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:101
Fl_Color labelcolor() const
Gets the label color.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:472
Fl_Image * deimage()
Gets the image that is used as part of the widget label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:533
Fl_Font labelfont() const
Gets the font to use.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:487
Fl_Color color() const
Gets the background color of the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:378
position window on top (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:164
the widget tooltip is internally copied, its destruction is handled by the widget
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:173
reserved for 3rd party extensions
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:178
the widget can't receive focus, and is disabled but potentially visible
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:156
On the Mac OS platform, pressing and holding a key on the keyboard opens an accented-character menu w...
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:175
don't let the window manager position the window (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:160
don't draw a decoration (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:159
a temporary popup, transparent to events, and dismissed easily (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:169
Reserved, not implemented. DO NOT USE.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:172
reserved for 3rd party extensions
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:177
reserved for 3rd party extensions
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:179
the widget value changed
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:163
a window blocking input to all other winows (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:170
a temporary popup window, dismissed by clicking outside (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:168
all drawing within this widget will be clipped (Fl_Group)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:167
the label contains a shortcut we need to draw
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:162
the widget is not drawn, but can receive a few special events
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:157
accepts keyboard focus navigation if the widget can have the focus
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:165
this is a hovering toolbar window (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:161
the widget label is internally copied, its destruction is handled by the widget
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:166
a fullscreen window (Fl_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:174
window not using a hardware overlay plane (Fl_Menu_Window)
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:171
for output only
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:158
void clear_visible()
Hides the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:702
unsigned int visible_focus()
Checks whether this widget has a visible focus.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:838
virtual void draw()=0
Draws the widget.
virtual void hide()
Makes a widget invisible.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:283
long argument() const
Gets the current user data (long) argument that is passed to the callback function.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:605
static void default_callback(Fl_Widget *cb, void *d)
The default callback for all widgets that don't set a callback.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:39
void redraw_label()
Schedules the drawing of the label.
Definition: Fl.cxx:1790
int active_r() const
Returns whether the widget and all of its parents are active.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:265
void user_data(void *v)
Sets the user data for this widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:599
void image(Fl_Image *img)
Sets the image to use as part of the widget label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:521
void deactivate()
Deactivates the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:253
int inside(const Fl_Widget *wgt) const
Checks if this widget is a child of wgt.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:898
int contains(const Fl_Widget *w) const
Checks if w is a child of this widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:303
void callback(Fl_Callback *cb)
Sets the current callback function for the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:574
void deimage(Fl_Image *img)
Sets the image to use as part of the widget label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:540
void do_callback()
Calls the widget callback.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:861
void argument(long v)
Sets the current user data (long) argument that is passed to the callback function.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:611
Fl_Image * image()
Gets the image that is used as part of the widget label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:514
void clear_output()
Sets a widget to accept input.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:757
int is_label_copied() const
Returns whether the current label was assigned with copy_label().
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:247
void box(Fl_Boxtype new_box)
Sets the box type for the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:372
virtual Fl_Window * as_window()
Returns an Fl_Window pointer if this widget is an Fl_Window.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:1000
int y() const
Gets the widget position in its window.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:289
void clear_visible_focus()
Disables keyboard focus navigation with this widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:826
int h() const
Gets the widget height.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:299
int damage_resize(int, int, int, int)
Internal use only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:155
virtual class Fl_Gl_Window * as_gl_window()
Returns an Fl_Gl_Window pointer if this widget is an Fl_Gl_Window.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:1012
void color(Fl_Color bg, Fl_Color sel)
Sets the background and selection color of the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:415
unsigned int flags() const
Gets the widget flags mask.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:147
void draw_focus()
draws a focus rectangle around the widget
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:186
virtual Fl_Group * as_group()
Returns an Fl_Group pointer if this widget is an Fl_Group.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:986
void visible_focus(int v)
Modifies keyboard focus navigation.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:832
Fl_Align align() const
Gets the label alignment.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:348
void parent(Fl_Group *p)
Internal use only - "for hacks only".
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:264
Fl_Group * parent() const
Returns a pointer to the parent widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:254
void set_flag(unsigned int c)
Sets a flag in the flags mask.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:149
void deimage(Fl_Image &img)
Sets the image to use as part of the widget label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:546
Fl_Window * top_window() const
Returns a pointer to the top-level window for the widget.
Definition: Fl_Window.cxx:130
void color(Fl_Color bg)
Sets the background color of the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:390
void align(Fl_Align alignment)
Sets the label alignment.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:357
void draw_box() const
Draws the widget box according its box style.
Definition: fl_boxtype.cxx:442
void set_changed()
Marks the value of the widget as changed.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:786
void set_visible()
Makes the widget visible.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:696
void do_callback(Fl_Widget *o, long arg)
Calls the widget callback.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:869
void measure_label(int &ww, int &hh) const
Sets width ww and height hh accordingly with the label size.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:957
void callback(Fl_Callback1 *cb, long p=0)
Sets the current callback function for the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:587
Fl_Window * window() const
Returns a pointer to the nearest parent window up the widget hierarchy.
Definition: Fl_Window.cxx:118
void clear_active()
Marks the widget as inactive without sending events or changing focus.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:797
void labeltype(Fl_Labeltype a)
Sets the label type.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:466
void * user_data() const
Gets the user data for this widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:593
void set_output()
Sets a widget to output only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:752
void labelsize(Fl_Fontsize pix)
Sets the font size in pixels.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:508
int w() const
Gets the widget width.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:294
Fl_Boxtype box() const
Gets the box type of the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:363
Fl_Fontsize labelsize() const
Gets the font size in pixels.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:502
Fl_Color selection_color() const
Gets the selection color.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:396
const char * label() const
Gets the current label text.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:421
static unsigned int label_shortcut(const char *t)
Returns the Unicode value of the '&x' shortcut in a given text.
Definition: fl_shortcut.cxx:423
void label(Fl_Labeltype a, const char *b)
Shortcut to set the label text and type in one call.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:450
void redraw()
Schedules the drawing of the widget.
Definition: Fl.cxx:1786
void draw_label() const
Draws the widget's label at the defined label position.
Definition: fl_labeltype.cxx:99
void labelcolor(Fl_Color c)
Sets the label color.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:478
int take_focus()
Gives the widget the keyboard focus.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:162
void callback(Fl_Callback0 *cb)
Sets the current callback function for the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:580
void copy_label(const char *new_label)
Sets the current label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:324
void selection_color(Fl_Color a)
Sets the selection color.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:406
virtual void show()
Makes a widget visible.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:271
const char * tooltip() const
Gets the current tooltip text.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:552
int test_shortcut()
Returns true if the widget's label contains the entered '&x' shortcut.
Definition: fl_shortcut.cxx:494
void clear_changed()
Marks the value of the widget as unchanged.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:791
Fl_Labeltype labeltype() const
Gets the label type.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:456
void x(int v)
Internal use only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:139
unsigned int visible() const
Returns whether a widget is visible.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:660
unsigned int output() const
Returns if a widget is used for output only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:747
Fl_Callback_p callback() const
Gets the current callback function for the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:561
void position(int X, int Y)
Repositions the window or widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:332
int visible_r() const
Returns whether a widget and all its parents are visible.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:295
virtual ~Fl_Widget()
Destroys the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:178
void when(uchar i)
Sets the flags used to decide when a callback is called.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:654
void set_visible_focus()
Enables keyboard focus navigation with this widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:820
void type(uchar t)
Sets the widget type.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:279
Fl_Color color2() const
For back compatibility only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:1021
Fl_When when() const
Returns the conditions under which the callback is called.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:621
void w(int v)
Internal use only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:143
void callback(Fl_Callback *cb, void *p)
Sets the current callback function for the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:568
uchar damage() const
Returns non-zero if draw() needs to be called.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:917
void labelfont(Fl_Font f)
Sets the font to use.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:496
uchar type() const
Gets the widget type.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:274
void set_active()
Marks the widget as active without sending events or changing focus.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:803
void activate()
Activates the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:241
unsigned int active() const
Returns whether the widget is active.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:708
void size(int W, int H)
Changes the size of the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:341
unsigned int takesevents() const
Returns if the widget is able to take events.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:764
void color2(unsigned a)
For back compatibility only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:1026
void y(int v)
Internal use only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:141
void clear_flag(unsigned int c)
Clears a flag in the flags mask.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:151
void h(int v)
Internal use only.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:145
int x() const
Gets the widget position in its window.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:284
int use_accents_menu()
Returns non zero if MAC_USE_ACCENTS_MENU flag is set, 0 otherwise.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:1016
void draw_backdrop() const
If FL_ALIGN_IMAGE_BACKDROP is set, the image or deimage will be drawn.
Definition: fl_boxtype.cxx:447
unsigned int changed() const
Checks if the widget value changed since the last callback.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:781
void copy_tooltip(const char *text)
Sets the current tooltip text.
Definition: Fl_Tooltip.cxx:365
void clear_damage(uchar c=0)
Clears or sets the damage flags.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:931
Fl_Window * top_window_offset(int &xoff, int &yoff) const
Finds the x/y offset of the current widget relative to the top-level window.
Definition: Fl_Window.cxx:141
void image(Fl_Image &img)
Sets the image to use as part of the widget label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:527
This widget produces an actual window.
Definition: Fl_Window.H:57
unsigned char uchar
unsigned char
Definition: fl_types.h:30
This struct stores all information for a text or mixed graphics label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:65
uchar type
type of label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:81
Fl_Image * deimage
optional image for a deactivated label
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:71
void measure(int &w, int &h) const
Measures the size of the label.
Definition: fl_labeltype.cxx:86
Fl_Fontsize size
size of label font
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:75
const char * value
label text
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:67
Fl_Align align_
alignment of label
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:79
Fl_Color color
text color
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:77
Fl_Image * image
optional image for an active label
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:69
Fl_Font font
label font used in text
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:73