Article #962: SPTK 4.00

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Article #962: SPTK 4.00

Created at 01:14 Dec 29, 2009 by parshin

After several months of testing, SPTK team proudly announces the release of SPTK 4.00. It's available for download from Several small bugs were fixed since last release candidate, mostly discovered when tested on different OSes. The most important changes introduced in SPTK 4:


  • Transparent support for FLTK versions 1.x and 2.x. Since FLTK 2.x has several important features, like UTF support, for instance, it may be interested for some projects.
  • Support for encrypted (SSL and AES) sockets based on OpenSSL library.
  • Added support for asynchronous IO based on libevent library. SPTK adds thread safety missed in early versions of libevent.
  • Added Thread Manager that automatically destroys finished threads
  • Added SafeQueue and SafeList classes implementing thread-safe queue and list correspondingly.
  • Dynamically loaded database drivers (*nix only). Every database driver is implemented as a separate shared library, and only loaded when an attempt to use a particular driver is made.

Besides changes listed above, this release went through race conditions optimization.

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