Article #937: SPTK 4.00

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Article #937: SPTK 4.00

Created at 23:10 Sep 19, 2009 by parshin

  Introducing SPTK4.

For the last several months, the development of SPTK was dedicated to preparing to SPTK major release, 4.0. This version is a release candidate. All the class interfaces are now frozen. The only changes allowed now are the bug fixes. You can download this version *nix tarball or zip archive .

Many changes introduced in SPTK-3.8.x versions, are included into new release. There are also some changes that were not a part of SPTK 3.x.

The following changes are the most interesting in this release:


  • Added FLTK2 support. SPTK4 allows compiling the source code with ether FLTK-1.x or FLTK-2.x. The source code is practically the same for both cases. There are still some differences, though, that will be resolved during SPTK 4 release cycle. Several example applications were added to test and demonstrate GUI capabilities.
  • Support for database drivers, introduced in SPTK-3.8, is modified to simplify class usage. Fixed several performance problems with original drivers implementation. Added first (draft) version of database connection pool.
  • Added several exception classes to distinguish different exception sources. For example, database classes now throw only CDatabaseException exceptions.
  • Separated UDP and TCP client and server socket classes. Finalized SSL and AES socket classes.
  • Added CThreadManager class to maintain (start, shutdown) multiple threads with minimal efforts.
  • Added regular expression support to CStrings to implement grep capabilities
  • CMake became SPTK primary building system. Support for autotools is dropped. Several FindXXX CMake modules were designed to make compilation on different OSes more reliable.
  • Tested compilation on the ICC 10.x and GCC 4.4.x compilers (and fixed compilation problems). Tested compilation/work on Gentoo, Debian, Fedora, RHEL Linux, Solaris (with some problems), and Windows 7 (with limitations). Tested SPTK compilation/work on Gentoo and Debian 64-bit systems.

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From deepak, 20:44 Dec 19, 2009 (score=3)

I use Dev-C++. It can not convert .sln or .vcproj files for compilation. Any VC6 (.dsp) files available for SPTK 4x? Any info for how to compile with Dev-C++ on win-XP.

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From parshin, 03:08 Dec 20, 2009 (score=3)

I'm sorry - VC6 is dead even from MS point of view. SPTK doesn't support it any more. You can still put everything together if you create project files yourself. I can only give you one tip: build SPTK as a static library.
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From smawi, 09:09 Oct 30, 2009 (score=3)

Hi I'm getting start with fltk tools, I intaled fltk2.0 and it's work, but I want to use sptk too and I have bp to intall sptk4, I dont find ant configure or make file in the directory that I downloaded. plz somme body can help me.
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From alexeyp, 13:23 Oct 30, 2009 (score=3)

SPTK uses CMake-based build system. In order to build it, install cmake, then run command 'cmake .; make; make install' in SPTK root directory.
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From dejan, 06:28 Sep 21, 2009 (score=3)

Thank you, Alexey! SPTK just got better! :) Brilliant!
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