Article #735: PosteRazor 1.4

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Article #735: PosteRazor 1.4

Created at 00:45 Jul 13, 2007 by Portale

After having enthused Windows users and OSX users all around the world, this popular poster printing tool is now coming to your Linux desktop. It speaks three additional languages: Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

The prebuilt Linux x86 binary is statically linked against Fltk and FreeImage. It was created on Kubuntu 6.06 and runs on fresh (K)Ubuntu 6.06 and 7.04 systems, bootet from CD. So, chances are not too low that it also runs on your x86 Linux (please forgive my ignorance in this area). If I find a _simple_ way, one day, to create distribution packages, I will provide those :)

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From torsten.giebl, 15:47 Jul 13, 2007 (score=3)

Have you tried EPM ?
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