Article #734: SPTK 3.5.1

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Article #734: SPTK 3.5.1

Created at 14:48 Jun 28, 2007 by parshin

Updated CMake building system in SPTK. The changes include building the themes, better FLTK/ODBC/ASpell/SQLite3 detection, and added compiler optimization options. CMake builds were tested in Linux and Windows.

Also, SPTK now detects fltk-utf8-config (if installed in your system) and builds with FLTK-utf8 (if installed) or with regular FLTK.At this point, no modifications is made to support UTF8 in SPTK.

Currently, SPTK team has no access to OSX machines or skills of OSX development. We would appreciate any help with testing/debugging of SPTK and new building system in OSX.

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