Article #727: SPTK 3.5.1

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Article #727: SPTK 3.5.1

Created at 23:09 May 27, 2007 by parshin

SPTK version 3.5.0 introduces the following changes:


  • An updated CMake building system. It now detects installed system components SPTK may use, much better
  • A new class, CGuard, that is a logical equivalent to CriticalSection in Win32.
  • Fixed several bugs in thread management

SPTK version 3.5.1 has bug fixes, since 3.5.0:


  • Bugs in CSocket with incorrect size of sock_addr structure. Reported and fixed by Bernhard Buss
  • Bugs in CHTTPConnect with ignoring Content-Length HTTP header. Reported by Bernhard Buss

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