Article #661: SPTK 3.3.0

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Article #661: SPTK 3.3.0

Created at 03:06 Oct 15, 2006 by parshin

Last modified at 15:49 Oct 15, 2006

SPTK version 3.3.0 is out. You can download  Unix tarball from

Since version 3.2.x, we fixed several bugs, and added multiple features. Here is the list of most new important features:


  • The size of CXmlNode is decreased from 20 to 16 bytes. This does not affect the speed of CXmlNode, but saves same memory
  • In many cases, replaced unsigned int & unsigned long with size_t - for 64-bit compatibility. This does not affect the GUI components.
  • Themes updated to work with PNG files. Themes are now packed into tar archives, and total size of the theme files is decreased about 3 times.
  • Added XML support for CGroup, CScroll, and CWindow layouts. That allows to define a group or a window in XML
  • Added CFrame class - to draw nice resizable frames from frame PNG image. The themes now may include the frame images.
  • Added Dark and E17 themes
  • Added support for POST, HTTP headers and HTTP 1.1 chunked encoding.
  • Added objectList method to CDatabase that returns the list of available tables, views, and stored procedures (where applicable).
  • Added CPngImage to read PNG images from memory buffer.
  • Added CTar class to read tar archives, including from the memory buffer.
  • Added support for int64_t/uint64_t to CVariant and CXmlAttribute.
  • Added KDevelop project files. The SPTK development now is conducted mostly in KDevelop.
  • Added sptk namespace - to prevent any name conflicts. If you do not want to change much your code using SPTK, just add using namespace sptk; at the beginning of the source file, right after #include directives.

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From Lev, 04:05 Oct 25, 2006 (score=3)

Failed to download Looks like broken or partially uploaded archive.

Comment based on sptk-3.2.6. The library seems to work incorrectly with Russian strings in Excel 2003 sheets (in Excel 95 format everything is fine). Is it a bug, a feature or my misunderstanding? Is it fixed in 3.3.0?

P.S. Thanks for a great lib!
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From parshin, 04:24 Oct 29, 2006 (score=3)

Download is fixed by now. If you can tell me how to reproduce the bug with Excel and Russian string - I'll try to fix it.
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From Lev, 00:22 Nov 07, 2006 (score=3)

It's very easy to reproduce the bug. Create a new spreadsheet, give the 1st sheet any Russian name and run the sample project xls_read.cpp. It should raise an access violation or an assertion (I do not remember exactly). Give the sheet an English name and everything will be ok. Then fill one or two cells with Russian strings and run the same example. If the file is saved in Excel 2003 format, you will be unable to read texts in the '_results.txt'. If it is saved in Excel 95 format, you will not encounter any problems.
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From parshin, 02:52 Nov 12, 2006 (score=3)

Ok, I finally have some success solving that problem. I have added for Excel Unicode strings conversion to the current locale. For Windows, it automatically gives you CP1251. For Linux, the conversion is done with GLIBC, and requires to set the non-Unicode locale first. It wouldn't probably work in Solaris, though.
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