Article #384: FLTK Video Tutorials 1.0

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Article #384: FLTK Video Tutorials 1.0

Created at 08:01 Jan 31, 2005 by greg.ercolano

Last modified at 16:10 Feb 12, 2019

Although the FLTK Video Tutorials have been around for a while, I guess I never posted then into the FLTK Articles.

(Flash content, video and sound)

    [UPDATE Feb 12 2019]
        Over the last decade Flash has become obsolete.
        So I converted them so you no longer need Flash to view;
        they're .webm now, which browsers play fairly effortlessly.

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From Johnix, 09:27 Apr 02, 2005 (score=4)

This is just nice.

Looking forward to the advanced tutorial of FLUID for large scale applications...

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From cable_guy_67, 04:36 Feb 01, 2005 (score=4)

Greg, these are excellent and helped me a lot when I found them (through another bazaar listing).  I was wondering if you have been making any progress on the others:

>In the not-too-distant-future, expect to see more videos:

>FLTK Introduction to FLTK Widgets

>FLTK Advanced Programming.

>Fluid: Advanced Programming <--- esp. this one! :)

>Watch this space for details

Oh I do. :-)

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From richardt, 03:40 Sep 29, 2006 (score=3)

The two tutorials are excellent, will the advanced (or any other) be posted. I firmly believe that there are many latent c++ programmers out there that would be delighted with fltk and the tutorials if they were more visible. 
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From greg.ercolano, 06:59 Sep 29, 2006 (score=3)

I'm fine with the fltk folks putting copies of the videos on
Feel free to plug for this on the fltk.general newgroup.

Possibly it could be added to the fltk documentation page:

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From yoreei, 19:00 Aug 05, 2012 (score=3)

I find find your videos very helpful and much clearer than the FLTK documentation. (If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.) Watching videos is my favourite way of learning new programming languages because it's always much faster and it rarely gets boring. That's why when I started learning FLTK the first thing I did was check if there were some videos on it on Youtube. But I was disappointed - that meant that I will have to read the documentation :P

Why don't you upload these to Youtube? That will make them and FLTK more popular which won't be a bad thing for sure!

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From greg.ercolano, 16:37 Feb 12, 2019 (score=4)

OK, I've uploaded them to YouTube.. Finally got around to it, now that they're in a format YouTube supports (.webm).

Even though they're >10 years old, here's the links:

    Building FLTK with Visual Studio 7

    A Beginners Guide To Programming In FLTK

    An Introduction To Using FLTK's GUI Builder "Fluid"

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