Article #1876: Improved FLUID and Docs

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Article #1876: Improved FLUID and Docs

Created at 02:20 Jul 15, 2023 by matt

In my efforts to make FLUID into a really cool and friendly tool despite its complex job, I added a few new cool features.

Check out the docs at

  • the settings dialogs have now all been consolidated into a single efficient setting panel
  • interactive design with grid and snapping never worked very well, so I replaced it with a layout system that know about about gaps, grids, distances and much more, with presets that can be saved, included, exported and shared
  • we have now a hatched overlay that shows overlapping and out of bounds widgets, so you don't need to worry that your design may not work as expected
  • the Fl_Flex widget is now fully supported
  • and lots of little UI improvements

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