Article #1825: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

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Article #1825: FLTK 1.4.x Weekly Snapshot (master)

Created at 00:05 Aug 12, 2022 by WebsiteCron

A new weekly snapshot of FLTK 1.4.x (master) is now available on the download page:

Git revision (commit): b8c227a8


Albrecht Schlosser (6):
      Fl_Flex: support different margin sizes, improve docs
      Add Fl_Flex demo "howto-flex-simple" to examples
      Add option to test Fl_Flex in test/pack.cxx
      Fix src/Makefile: add missing directory to 'clean' target
      Improve layout, fix resizing of test/demo
      GitLab CI/CD: generate pdf documentation

ManoloFLTK (9):
      Check for error while communicating with Wayland.
      Check for error while communicating with Wayland - cont'd.
      Wayland: fix regression from 50d26b0 in test/mandelbrot.
      Wayland: make sure wl_surface_frame() is followed by wl_surface_commit().
      Wayland platform: move repeated code into Fl_Wayland_Graphics_Driver::buffer_commit().
      Wayland platform: fix declaration of local variable 'scale'.
      Fix Fl_Xlib_Graphics_Driver for RGB image drawing under XQuartz.
      Fix Fl_Xlib_Graphics_Driver for tiled-depth 3 images.
      Fix Fl_Xlib_Graphics_Driver for drawing tiled images.

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