Article #120: FL-Inventor 0.9.4

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Article #120: FL-Inventor 0.9.4

Created at 12:13 Jan 07, 2003 by fabien.costantini

Fl-Inventor 0.9.4 released! many  changes/bug fixes on that version:


  • Now SoFl lib can compile SHARED or STATIC
            (see for more info: CMakelist.txt WANT_FLIV_SHARED option in fl_inventor/build/SoFl directory )
  • oiv src modifications to support recent linux distrib and gcc (3.x)
  • sofl modifications to support new fltk (>=1.1.x)
  • CMake files fixed to accept latest Cmake distrib (i.e: now works with current Cmake1.4.7)
  • flextent files bug fixed implying as an example that new MaterialEditors not to crash after pressing 'esc' key

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