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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  643FL-Inventor 1.0.2Aug 31, 20061  

A complete and portable fltk/inventor 3d toolkit.

  253FL-Inventor 1.0.0Feb 03, 20041  

fl-inventor 1.0.0 is available ! Yes, this is the first 1.0.x major release ! The most complete & stable release to date.

  134FL-Inventor 0.9.5-rev1Jan 28, 20031  

Now a unified install/include directory is furthered in the distrib for more compilation facilities. Under linux, you can regenerate this dir by running the mk_inc script at the root of the distrib

  129FL-Inventor 0.9.5Jan 21, 20030  

This important update now features lot of * NEW EDITORS: Transform SLiders,Lights, Material/Color.

  • New Print Dialog, Tooltips and minors bugfixes.

  120FL-Inventor 0.9.4Jan 07, 20030  

Fl-Inventor 0.9.4 released! many  changes/bug fixes on that version:


  • Now SoFl lib can compile SHARED or STATIC
            (see for more info: CMakelist.txt WANT_FLIV_SHARED option in fl_inventor/build/SoFl directory )
  • oiv src modifications...
  51FL-Inventor 0.9.1Mar 07, 20020  

First FL-Inventor Toolkit Released ! Available at

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