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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  432Fl_PlotXY V1.0.13Apr 17, 20051  

FL_PlotXY has been updated to include a vertical line with value indicator to display the Y value at the selected position.

  304Fl_PlotXY V1.0.10Jul 26, 20042  

Fl_PlotXY V1.0.10 now avaliable
More added features including displaying line titles, better loading and saving of csv formated files with common X Axis, and more.
Several bugs fixed.

  301Fl_PlotXY V1.0.4Jul 13, 20040  

Fl_PlotXY V1.0.4 released. Has Major bug fixes, and some added features.
Development will now slow as it is suitable for what I designed it for.

  298Fl_PlotXY V1.0.0Jul 06, 20040  

A complete re-write of Fl_PlotXY. It now draws the data properly and is capable of handling multipule lines of data. More features will be added over the next few days, including loading and saving of .csv files, data manipulation and more.

  295Fl_PlotXY V0.0.1Jul 01, 20040  

Pl_PlotXY - Simple XY graph display that loads and saves data - not stable, help welcome.

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