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  330fl_connect 1.5Oct 24, 20040  

I've had a report of some difficulty building fl_connect with VC++, even version 7.  It's difficult for me to access this platform, so it's hard for me to identify and fix the problem.  Anyone willing to help (just by trying to compile and sending...

  322fl_connect 1.4Sep 30, 20046  

Version 1.4 is the same as v 1.3, except that it's been built off of fltk 1.1.5rc3.  The web site contains the patch, and prepatched source and rpm files.

  312fl_connect 1.3Aug 22, 20040  

Version 1.3 of the patch that adds a modern, typesafe, member-function-capable callback system.  This version extends the system to Fl_Menu_Item (an oversight before; I was fixated on menu items becoming real widgets in fltk 2.0), and is built agains...

  250fl_connect 1.2Jan 13, 20040  

version 1.2 of fl_connect is available.  This version adds no new functionality, but updates the patch to work with fltk 1.1.4.

  146fl_connect 1.1Mar 03, 20031  

Also, the test code for Fl_Timeout is much improved, and a new test program for Fl_Idle has been added.

  141fl_connect 1.0Feb 15, 20030  

More doc improvements and some slight performance tweaks.  The code seems stable enough to merit a 1.0 "release."

  139fl_connect 0.99Feb 09, 20030  

A pretty complete rewrite of the callback system.  Got rid of the internal table, storing connection info in the widget instead.  This system is still completely compatible with the original FLTK code (the old callback system continues to work withou...

  138fl_connect 0.92Feb 04, 20030  

Efficiency updates to connection system (space, not speed, related). Documentation improvements.  No API changes.

  132fl_connect 0.9Jan 23, 20033  

Yet another FLTK callback API supporting member functions, with an optimally easy interface.

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