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  1599Gmsh 4.0Aug 22, 20180  

Gmsh 4.0.0 is out, with a new C++, C, Python and Julia API and a ton of other enhancements!

  1525Gmsh 3.0.0Apr 13, 20170  

Gmsh 3.0.0 is out, with full support for constructive solid geometry

  1318Gmsh 2.8.0Jun 01, 20160  

New Gmsh release: 2.8.0

  1411Gmsh 2.9.0Apr 06, 20150  

New Gmsh release: 2.9.0

  1299Gmsh 2.7.0Mar 10, 20130  

New Gmsh release: 2.7.0

  927Gmsh 2.4.0Aug 22, 20090  

New Gmsh release: 2.4.0

  878Gmsh 2.3.0Jan 23, 20090  

New Gmsh release: 2.3.0

  816Gmsh 2.2.0Apr 19, 20080  

New Gmsh release: 2.2.0

  788Gmsh 2.1.0Feb 23, 20080  

New Gmsh release: 2.1.0

  694Gmsh 2.0.0Feb 05, 20070  

New Gmsh release: 2.0.0

  562Gmsh 1.62Jan 15, 20060  

Gmsh 1.62 adds several new features along with some small bug fixes.

  530Gmsh 1.61Nov 25, 20050  

This release adds support for curved elements in the post-processor, adds a new experimental STL remeshing algorithm, and includes optimizations and bug fixes all over the map.

  421Gmsh 1.60Apr 04, 20050  

New release.

  387Gmsh 1.59Feb 05, 20050  

New Gmsh release: 1.59

  351Gmsh 1.57Dec 22, 20040  

This release provides many enhancements in the post-processing module (improved display of vector fields, generalized raise mode, new integration and eigenvector plugins), large memory footprint reduction for mesh visualization, faster mesh I/O, as w...

  326Gmsh 1.56Oct 16, 20040  

This release contains small updates and bug fixes all over the map, as well as a new utility to reorder mesh files.

  311Gmsh 1.55Aug 22, 20040  

New in 1.55: added background mesh support for Triangle; meshes can now be displayed using "smoothed" normals (like post-processing views); added GUI for clipping planes; new interactive clipping/cutting plane definition; reorganized the Options GU...

  297Gmsh 1.54Jul 04, 20040  

Downloads, mailing lists, etc.:

  285Gmsh 1.53Jun 07, 20042  

Gmsh 1.53 is out! This version contains fairly big changes, so please report any bugs that might have crept in... The three largest modifications are:

  • big (huge?) improvements in the way Gmsh renders tri/quad meshes and scalar post-processing v...
  225Gmsh 1.47Nov 13, 20030  

Gmsh 1.47 is out... This version fixes a couple of bugs and introduces the (long overdue) ability to retrieve the indices of entities created by Gmsh during geometrical transformations and extrusions.

Downloads, mailing lists, etc.: http://www.g...

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