fltk/Style.h File Reference

Detailed Description


namespace  fltk


class  fltk::NamedStyle
class  fltk::Style


typedef bool(* fltk::Theme )()


bool fltk_theme ()
void fltk::load_theme ()
void fltk::reload_theme ()
bool fltk::reset_theme ()
void fltk::theme (Theme f)
Theme fltk::theme ()


Box *const fltk::BORDER_BOX
Box *const fltk::BORDER_FRAME
Font *const fltk::COURIER
Font *const fltk::COURIER_BOLD
Font *const fltk::COURIER_BOLD_ITALIC
Font *const fltk::COURIER_ITALIC
Box *const fltk::DIAMOND_DOWN_BOX
Box *const fltk::DIAMOND_UP_BOX
Box *const fltk::DOWN_BOX
Box *const fltk::EMBOSSED_BOX
LabelType *const fltk::EMBOSSED_LABEL
Box *const fltk::ENGRAVED_BOX
LabelType *const fltk::ENGRAVED_LABEL
Box *const fltk::FLAT_BOX
Font *const fltk::HELVETICA
Font *const fltk::HELVETICA_BOLD
Font *const fltk::HELVETICA_ITALIC
Box *const fltk::HIGHLIGHT_DOWN_BOX
Box *const fltk::HIGHLIGHT_UP_BOX
Box *const fltk::NO_BOX
LabelType *const fltk::NO_LABEL
LabelType *const fltk::NORMAL_LABEL
Box *const fltk::OFLAT_BOX
Box *const fltk::OSHADOW_BOX
Box *const fltk::OVAL_BOX
Box *const fltk::PLASTIC_DOWN_BOX
Box *const fltk::PLASTIC_UP_BOX
Box *const fltk::RFLAT_BOX
Box *const fltk::ROUND_DOWN_BOX
Box *const fltk::ROUND_UP_BOX
Box *const fltk::ROUNDED_BOX
Box *const fltk::RSHADOW_BOX
Font *const fltk::SCREEN_BOLD_FONT
Font *const fltk::SCREEN_FONT
Box *const fltk::SHADOW_BOX
LabelType *const fltk::SHADOW_LABEL
Font *const fltk::SYMBOL_FONT
LabelType *const fltk::SYMBOL_LABEL
Theme fltk::theme_
Box *const fltk::THIN_DOWN_BOX
Box *const fltk::THIN_UP_BOX
Font *const fltk::TIMES
Font *const fltk::TIMES_BOLD
Font *const fltk::TIMES_BOLD_ITALIC
Font *const fltk::TIMES_ITALIC
Box *const fltk::UP_BOX
Font *const fltk::ZAPF_DINGBATS

Function Documentation

bool fltk_theme (  ) 

This is the default value of fltk::theme().

This is declared as a "C" function to allow it to be replaced with a function from a loaded plugin. If you are statically linking fltk you can also override this by declaring a fltk_theme() function in your own code (some Unix systems, but not Linux, will do this even if fltk is a shared library).


Does not do anything. Previous versions of FLTK 2.0 tried to read the KDE setup but this has not worked recently and sometimes produces weird results. FLTK does not bother looking at xrdb databases. In any case, if any standard appears it can be implemented here.


On Windows it will read colors and fonts using GetSysColor() and SystemParametersInfo(). FLTK will call fltk::reload_theme() when a WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE, WM_DISPLAYCHANGE, or WM_SETTINGCHANGE event happens, even if you replace fltk_theme(), so your replacement should be prepared for this.

References fltk_theme().

Referenced by fltk_theme(), and fltk::StyleSet::StyleSet().

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