FLTK 1.3.4
Fl_FLTK_File_Chooser Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Fl_FLTK_File_Chooser:

Protected Member Functions

virtual int count () const
void directory (const char *val)
const char * directory () const
void errmsg (const char *msg)
const char * errmsg () const
int exist_dialog ()
virtual const char * filename () const
virtual const char * filename (int i) const
const char * filter () const
void filter (const char *)
void filter_value (int i)
int filter_value () const
int filters () const
 Fl_FLTK_File_Chooser (int val)
void options (int)
int options () const
void parse_filter ()
void preset_file (const char *)
const char * preset_file () const
virtual int show ()
virtual void title (const char *)
virtual const char * title () const
virtual void type (int)
int type () const
int type_fl_file (int)

Protected Attributes

int _btype
char * _directory
char * _errmsg
char * _filter
int _filtvalue
int _nfilters
int _options
char * _parsedfilt
char * _preset_file
char * _prevvalue


class Fl_Native_File_Chooser

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