Article #939: FLTK 1.1.10rc2 is now out

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Article #939: FLTK 1.1.10rc2 is now out

Created at 07:48 Sep 29, 2009 by matt

I decided to generate the secon release candidate for 1.1.10. Agaian, all bugs from the bug list are fixed.

1.1.10 *will* be the last 1.1 release. After releasing the 1.1.10 final version, no more STDs against 1.1 will be possible. I will not reopen 1.1. There will be no 1.1.11. Nope. None. Nix.

Changes since RC1:

  • Fixed image lib configure and fltk-config issues by backporting the image lib and zlib configure code from FLTK 1.3 (STR #2203)
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From alexcurtis, 07:48 Oct 16, 2009 (score=4)

Is the gold release going to have Snow Leopard 64bit support?
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