Article #748: pyFltk2-1.0.0b1

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Article #748: pyFltk2-1.0.0b1

Created at 09:01 Oct 01, 2007 by

The first beta release of the Python bindings for FLTK2 is available for download from Sourceforge: This release supports and has been tested with fltk-2.0-r5940. [ Listing ]


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From sgall, 07:55 Oct 21, 2007 (score=3)

Thoughts on pyFLTK2 - Fantastic..  (almost)

1. FLUID.  flconvert doesnt work. I build a basic gui in fluid2 and hand modified the C++ code to python which was pretty easier. I played with modifying flconvert but this is to steep a learning curve at the moment.

2. I like FLTK2 because of the browser and menu structure which I think is very elegant.  My test gui had a menu, input box, a couple of button, a multi browser, a popup menu button and a status bar.  These all worked perfectly with pyfltk2. 

3. SUBCLASSING I subclassed my MULTI browser to add row deletion, invert selection etc.  Very easy and elegant.

4. I would to make the Delete key delete selected rows.  This is where (so far at least) I have come unstuck. There doesnt seem to be a series of functions event(), event_key(), and global().

5. If I can get the events handling working this will be the nicest python + gui combo I have ever seen.

6.  If we could get flconvert2 working and dump pure python from the code boxes in FLUID2, this would be not only the lightest RAD environment around,  but I think it would have to be the best.  We could save the  fluid tree and launch flconvert and run the python code all from within fluid!

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