Article #563: SPTK 3.0.12

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Article #563: SPTK 3.0.12

Created at 05:23 Jan 16, 2006 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 3.0.12 adds support for the database driver messages. These messages may be sent to the driver by the database server on different occasions. These messages may include the extended error information, and the messages created by a stored procedure using (for MSSQL, for instance) PRINT statement. Here is the example:

create procedure hello as
  print 'Hello, World'
  print 'The weather is great!'

After executing that stored procedure using CQuery object, the method messages() would return CString& object with two rows of text.

You can download this version as *nix tarball and Windows zip from Download | Home Page | Listing ]


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