Article #393: fldiff 0.9

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Article #393: fldiff 0.9

Created at 01:27 Feb 21, 2005 by mike

fldiff 0.9 adds a new file/directory selection dialog which allows comparison of files and directories against other files, directories, or the current repository. The new release also fixes some minor bugs and now uses a configure script and makefile for the build.

Please report any problems in the 0.9 release over the next week - assuming that no major problems are reported, I will be releasing 1.0 in the near future. [ Download | Home Page | Listing ]


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From cable_guy_67, 09:11 Mar 04, 2005 (score=3)

I was playing with this matching my local copy of the fluid directory in fltk-1.1 and I ran across this problem with the current version.

When starting fldiff with:

$ fldiff /home/myhome/fltk-1.1/fluid

fldiff opens (with the repo on left and mine on right).  I can check out the diff <-repo-> but when I quit (using menu quit) I hang in bash until I manually kill the fldiff.exe process.

Using fldiff (svn current) bash / cygwin / win2k

fldiff built with make which fires off autoconf etc and then goes through the build process to completion.

I did do a make uninstall, make clean, svn update, make, make install.
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