Poll #28

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Poll #28

Do you need / use the "FLTK Apps" and "Links" tabs on the FLTK website? We may want to close these parts if users don't want or need them. You may pick more than one answer.
Yes, I'm often looking for interesting FLTK apps. 200 / 45%
Yes, please keep, but I don't use them frequently. 133 / 30%
No, I don't really need these apps and links pages. 47 / 10%
No, I never use them, please remove. 32 / 7%
I use FLTK Apps but not Links. 31 / 7%
I use Links but not FLTK Apps. 23 / 5%
I used them when I was new to FLTK. 53 / 11%
I believe they are important for new users. 130 / 29%
I like them, but they should be better accessible. 57 / 12%
I abstain. 38 / 8%
442 total votes.
This poll is closed.

User Comments

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From rerdavies, 02:13 May 14, 2023 (score=3)

Offered in the spirit of being helpful.

As a potential user, landing on this site for the first time today, the FTLK Apps page weighed heavily in my decision not to use FLTK. It's a dismal uninspiring list of toys. If you're going to keep it, bury it in the Links section, where it belongs.

The Links page is a little more encouraging. People have actually used the FLTK library; but the disorganization of the section isn't encouraging. And it's difficult to tell how many of the projects in the Links section are dead projects.

Overall, I am of the opinion that presentation counts. It speaks to whether the project is credible, and being actively and sensibly maintained. And, to that end, the current web page does not serve you well. You really need to spend a day or two to bring the page up to 21st-century aesthetics.

Truthfully, the versioning history was probably the actual thing that removed FLTK from further consideration; but inclusion of the FLTK Apps page weighed significantly in that decision as well.
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From AlbrechtS, 15:04 Jan 08, 2019 (score=3)

Thanks to all who voted. It appears that we should keep the "FLTK Apps" and/or "Links" tabs for users to find interesting FLTK apps.

However we need to redesign the interface and make it better accessible. I do also agree that we need to filter and prune dead links.

Your votes helped to make a decision (keep and redesign) so I think we won't delete them, but a redesign needs resources (as mentioned in one of the comments) so this will take some time.


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From piglet, 08:34 Dec 16, 2018 (score=3)

I'm sorry, but removing Apps or Links isn't what I would do.

There's generally to many pages that look/feel empty.

The first-and-topmost link in the nav-bar should lead directly to something that catches the eye. Not a confusing list that doesn't clearly separate entries.

Apps could be a good place to showcase and promote FLTK, but that's not what it's doing now.

If you actually want separate pages for each application, then put screenshots and stuff in there, and make it interesting. Now it looks more like even more pages with a few lines of text and a few links.

If you don't have time/resources for that, then I guess removing the tab, and putting them under links as a category could be better.

And removing/updating links is important. The page will quickly seem abandoned if all the links lead to dead/abandoned projects and 404s.

Having a few great links is a lot better than bunch of dead ones.
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From Tigercat, 15:24 Dec 04, 2018 (score=3)

It's always nice to see links to applications and tutorials on a software product's website. However, it's also a bummer to find stale links and tutorials for long-outdated versions. It's also the case that website maintenance can be a time-consuming affair, and for OSS projects it's not always easy to find volunteers. If it's a choice between website extras and core maintenance of FLTK, I'll take the latter. However, perhaps a low-effort option is to maintain the ability for users to submit app and tutorial links but to date them (and sort them) when posted/updated. That helps identify stale links without consuming too much maintenance time.
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From engelsman, 13:47 Dec 04, 2018 (score=3)

I think they are [were?] important to new users, and that they should be more accessible, but...

...there should be a simplified layout for the remaining potentially live applications, and a ruthless pruning and removal of dead links.

If a link is stale, and a simple web search doesn't throw up a possible match, then it should probably just be removed entirely.

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