Poll #22

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Poll #22

Where are our FLTK users and developers located? (regions listed by size)
Asia 401 / 15%
Africa 44 / 1%
North America 572 / 21%
South America 163 / 6%
Western Europe 1042 / 39%
Eastern Europe 335 / 12%
Australia 98 / 3%
2655 total votes.
This poll is closed.

User Comments

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From european33, 13:36 Jun 10, 2007 (score=3)

hey why are you dividing europe in 2 options(west/east)? as in most open source projects, europe(west and east) rules.. over so many countries.. what was the reason to divide? USA policy for europe: divide & conquer

dont follow US-policies pls thx an european
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From pyrgen, 02:04 Aug 21, 2007 (score=3)

This looks like a practice exam in US. "Add East to West Europe scores without using calculator and write the final answer."
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From seanzig, 11:25 Jun 25, 2007 (score=3)

I'm not one of the developers, but there are a couple of less Machiavellian possibilities.  First, since Europe does indeed dominate the user poll for FLTK, it may be helpful to know which parts of Europe use the most.  For example, West seems to dominate here.  I couldn't say why that is, but it does make an interesting data point.

I find that a more likely explanation than the United States using FLTK to  conquer Europe.  ;)
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From matt, 12:48 Mar 12, 2008 (score=3)

Sorry that I am replying so late. I did not notice the comments before. I set up the poll and divided Europe in order to find out (among other curiosities) just how great the demand for international character sets may be, and if adding UTF-8 is worth the effort. Western Europeans genrally can live with the ASCII set and a code page for the umlauts and accents. Many Eastern European countries use Cyrillic character sets, and FLTK1's support for those is quasi non-existing (not to mention various Asian char sets).

So, looking at the poll, I see over 2000 ser who need more than ASCII and roughly 700 who may requir more than just a localized code page. Reason enough to incorporate UTF-8 as the main new feature in the 1.1 successor.
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