[fltk.announce] Dec 27, 2009: FLTK 1.1.10 final version released

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Dec 27, 2009: FLTK 1.1.10 final version released Michael Sweet Jul 10, 2011 top right image
The FLTK team is happy to announce the release of FLTK 1.1.10. This version fixes a number of esoteric and real bugs that could lead to lockups or crashes under specific conditions.

        - Documentation fixes (STR #2220, STR #2209, STR #1945, STR #1893)
        - Widgets now remove stale entries from the default callback
          queue when they are deleted (STR #2302)
        - Fixed selection bug in Fl_Int_Input (STR #2292)
        - Fixed character set conversion functions (STR #2268)
        - Fixed image lib configure and fltk-config issues by backporting
          the image lib and zlib configure code from FLTK 1.3 (STR #2203)
        - Updated the bundled libpng to v1.2.40 (released Sep. 10, 2009)
        - Fixed Fl_Choice contrast with light-on-dark settings (STR #2219)
        - Added Xft2 font lookup table (STR #2215)
        - Fixed X server lockup, if a modal dialog window is opened
          while a menu is active (STR #1986)
        - Setting a default font for Xft (STR #2216)
        - Limited builds to 32-bit on OX S to stay compatible to Snow Leopard.
          64 bit users should upgrade to FLTK 1.3 and above.
        - Fixed Windows compile bug with "#define USE_COLORMAP 0"
          (STR #2241)
        - Fixed glibc 2.10 compiler problems (Fedora 11 and others)
          with scandir() and strchr() (STR #2222)
        - Fixed OpenGL shared context handling (STR #2135)
        - Fixed gray-scale images with alpha channel (STR #2105)
        - Fixed unexpected shortcut behavior for Win32 (STR #2199)
        - Added cast to Fl_Color in all Fluid code (STR #2206)
        - Fixed wrong identifier for special keys combined with
          modifier (STR #2196)
        - Fix for multiple popups, when dragging and calling fl_alert()
          and friends from the callback (STR #2159)
        - Avoiding crashes for recursive common dialogs (this does not
          fix the issue at hand yet) (STR 2150)
        - Fluid printing used wrong colors under Windows (STR #2195)
        - Fixed bad system menu hadling in OS X (STR #2153)
        - Fixed File Input mouse pointer dragging (STR #2181)
        - Fixed static linking of image libraries (STR #1962)
        - Fixed callback would not be called when shortcut was used with
          radio and toggle buttons in default FL_RELEASE mode.
        - Fixed a problem with TrackMouseEvent() (Windows only) that would
          generate wrong FL_LEAVE events with subwindows. TrackMouseEvent
          is now enabled by default (it was disabled for GNU compilers).
          It can be disabled by defining NO_TRACK_MOUSE.
          Improved test/subwindow.cxx (STR #2079)
        - Fixed RGB colors for round box (STR #2097)
        - Fixed documentation (added missing COMCTRL32.LIB dependency)
        - Fl_Group::clip_children() is now public (STR #2017)
        - Fixed first modifier key event (STR #1952)
        - Fixed wrong default value of Fl_Spinner in Fluid (STR #1991)
        - Fixed Fluid textcolor output (STR #1992)
        - Fl_Group and Fl_Scroll now resize themselves before
          resizing their children (STR #2032)
        - Fixed adding an idle handler during a draw() call (STR #1950)
        - Improved stability of fl_read_image (STR #2021)
        - Fixed menu position close to screen border (STR #2057)
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