Re: [fltk/fltk] Add a flexible row/column container widget (#255)

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Re: [fltk/fltk] Add a flexible row/column container widget (#255) Albrecht Schlosser 09:11 Aug 01 top right image

@erco77 Hi Greg, thanks for your comments.

I also thought about a description which would be (IIRC) positioned in the \file section of the source file. But it was too late to do, I really wanted to get it done (after hours of work, particularly with the docs which I wrote from scratch). I'll update the docs after more feedback or when time permits.

Screenshots and a code snippet should certainly be added, I agree. Thanks.

I personally believe that Fl_Flex is a good name and it that we should keep a short name. IIRC the original author Karsten (@osen) wrote somewhere that it was inspired by the html/css 'flex' layout. The other new widget I'm working on is, as you may know, Fl_Grid which can be compared to the html/css 'grid' layout. Hence I believe we're consistent and people will certainly learn what it is good for.

Another documentation addition on my to-do list is in the documentation chapter "How Does Resizing Work?". There should be a (kinda) tutorial on how to use Fl_Flex and - when ready - Fl_Grid so users can learn how to use these widgets.

And as a start:


Note that I colorized the nested Fl_Flex widgets differently for testing.

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