Re: [fltk.general] WARNING: could not find the required Xft headers and/or libraries

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Re: WARNING: could not find the required Xft headers and/or libraries "David F." 23:49 Aug 01 top right image
  yes it's a bit older, I had all those STR's I added years ago (as one big patch) that you implemented in a different way so it makes trying to catch up a bit tough, I have one branch updated but doesn't have ./configure or  anything for some reason, i was using it to test on windows.  maybe I'll try to catch up when this chaos stops...

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 5:34:39 AM UTC-7 Albrecht Schlosser wrote:
On 6/29/22 01:16 David F. wrote:
I upgraded from Debian Jessie to Buster.  I'm using a customized 1.4 branch.

How old is your customized branch? This is very likely the culprit (see below).

I rebuilt the library and built my application.  I noticed scaling wasn't working.  So I see something about needing USE_XFT for it to work.   I then changed the config.log and found the:

WARNING: could not find the required Xft headers and/or libraries

configure:7725: checking for freetype-config
configure:7758: result: no

The freetype developers removed freetype-config and we followed this step to use pkg-config first and then, only if it doesn't find freetype, fall back to the old freetype-config (assuming that the running system is older than the above change).

Any hint on what I'm supposed to install so scaling will work again?

I suggest to upgrade your customized FLTK 1.4 branch to a newer state, then this ought to work again (if my assumption is correct that your version is older).

Or you could try to pick the changes from this commit from Jan. 2019:

commit 669f159665b04a3bf9c2dbbe9db71b59a45e46c2
Date:   Wed Jan 30 17:58:22 2019 +0100

     Fix for STR#3473 (and its duplicate STR#3507)
    Recent Linux distribution have replaced the freetype-config command
    by pkg-config. The fix tries the new procedure with pkg-config and
    falls back to freetype-config if the new procedure fails.

[end of commit log]

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