Re: [fltk.general] How I get and glue the FLTK dependecies in my application?

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Re: How I get and glue the FLTK dependecies in my application? Greg Ercolano Jul 28, 2022 top right image

On 7/28/22 07:37, Daniel Silva wrote:

However I'm not interested in the fltk lib --ldflags or --ldstaticflags returns,
because I'm linking manually to the static fltk lib to my fltk build,

    Hmm, but what you say you want sounds exactly like what
    --ldstaticflags is meant for.

    It returns the static version of fltk's lib and the system dependencies.

    So just be sure to not specify libfltk.a in your Makefile, and let --ldstaticflags
    specify it for you.

    I think the problem you're having with --ldstaticflags returning unexpected results
    is a different issue, perhaps due to picking up the wrong fltk-config script.

    --ldstaticflags is probably what you should use, me thinks.

    Try a simple test with something small; create a new project directory.
    Then create a simple hello.cpp file in that directory:
#include <FL/Fl_Double_Window.H>
int main() {
    Fl_Double_Window win(200,200,"test");;
    return Fl::run();
    Then create a Makefile, with an FLTKCONFIG line at the top that
    points to the fltk-1.4.x directory of your other project, e.g.
       CXX=$(shell $(FLTKCONFIG) --cxx)
  CXXFLAGS=$(shell $(FLTKCONFIG) --cxxflags)
   LDFLAGS=$(shell $(FLTKCONFIG) --ldstaticflags)

hello: hello.o
    $(CXX) hello.o $(LDFLAGS) -o hello

# COMPILE .cpp -> .obj
hello.o: hello.cpp
    $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) hello.cpp -c

    -/bin/rm hello.o hello
    Then try 'make'. It should build hello and link with FLTK statically
    using the FLTK library your other project is using.

    It should work, assuming that version of FLTK was built recently
    on this operating system.

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