Re: [fltk.general] How do you disable a button?

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Re: How do you disable a button? Albrecht Schlosser 05:14 Jan 13 top right image
On 1/13/22 12:38 PM 'Mark' via fltk.general wrote:
I have a "history" menubutton that I want to enable when the menu has items and disable when it doesn't.

Just to make sure we agree in what we're saying: In FLTK terminology this would be a menu item (Fl_Menu_Item) and the "items" you're talking about (the list of recent files, below) would be submenu items. There's also a widget called Fl_Menu_Button but that's a button that can pop up a menu when clicked.

I assume you're implementing a normal menu (Fl_Menu or Fl_Menu_Bar) with a submenu of recent files.

It will start out with no entries and gradually they'll be added depending on what the user does. Similarly, I have other buttons which should be enabled/disabled depending on context.

Again, "buttons" = Fl_Menu_Items?

I've tried setting the trigger to none but that didn't do it. I also tried calling deactivate but that didn't stop clicking it from working.

"Setting the trigger" is not a FLTK term. What exactly did you try? Exact code (statements, not full program) would be much more helpful so we can better help you.

That said, you must disable the particular Fl_Menu_Item which is described here:

So maybe fltk has a way of doing this using terminology/functions I'm unfamiliar with? (I'm pretty new to fltk; I'm much more familiar with Tk, Qt, and wxWidgets.)

The terminology used in such cases is usually "activate" and "deactivate" (widgets/buttons, menu items, whatever). Sometimes enable and disable is used as well.

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