Re: [fltk.general] How to draw an "X" in cairo

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Re: How to draw an "X" in cairo janezz55 03:53 Jan 11 top right image
  Try to draw using the CairoWidget, in case you don't have cairo support compiled into FLTK:

On Saturday, January 1, 2022 at 2:04:39 AM UTC+1 wrote:
    To do so would mean some kind of conditional in the examples/Makefile* and examples/CMakeLists.txt
    to only build the example if cairo is enabled.

In the latest 1.4 commits we have <FL/fl_config.h> which is automatically included and defines FLTK_HAVE_CAIRO [..]

    OK, so I'll investigate having it operate like test/cairo_test, so that that it builds unconditionally,
    but pops a dialog if cairo isn't enabled.

    Was hoping to avoid that in user example code (as a regular user wouldn't likely do that).

    Perhaps we should have some way to leverage fltk-config to interrogate config.h options
    so that even user's projects can check this stuff from their own Makefiles, e.g. to warn if
    FLTK was built without cairo when this was expected.

    Oh wow, so is 2022 is any better, or should I stick with 2021 and hold off on "upgrading"? :D 
I hope it'll be better (less COVID issues, hopefully), but I can't downgrade anyway. Looking forward to its new features...

    To paraphrase a comic someone posted on facebook, traditionally each New Year
    is like turning to a new page on life, full of optimisim and choices.
    But lately it's been like turning a page in a Stephen King horror novel, lol.

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