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Re: MacOS desktop tinting Albrecht Schlosser 07:04 Oct 02 top right image
On 10/2/21 3:51 PM Mo_Al_ wrote:
This is more of a Cocoa question than an FLTK question, but since my experience with stackoverflow regarding anything Cocoa or Objc related hasn't been stellar, I thought I'd ask here.

Apps running on MacOS's dark mode benefit from desktop tinting. So even if I get dark mode's windowBackgroundColor using:
Is there something I'm missing?
Is there a way to programmatically get the current desktop tint and somehow apply it to an FLTK window?

I have no idea what "desktop tinting" means and what you really want/need. That said, we have a new branch called "darkmode" (inactive, not yet merged) where Mike Sweet added something to get the dark mode system colors from macOS. Maybe this can help?

The latest three commits in that branch *might* give you some clues (or maybe not, I don't know).

In this commit Mike commented "(gotta love how Apple's documentation is broken...)", whatever that means. ;-)

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