Re: [fltk.general] Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input

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Re: Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input Ian MacArthur 02:11 Sep 25 top right image
On 24 Sep 2021, at 18:52, Bill Spitzak wrote:

> There absolutely should be no need for a timeout.

Sure - my suggestion of using a timeout, and the demo of same, were not intended as “the fix” but really just as a workaround to get the OP up and running with the existing implementation.

A better fix probably is to trap for this behaviour in the fltk X11 event handling and make the output more consistent and congruent across platforms, as you say. But that’ll take a while to propagate out into the wild, so...

Harking back to the workaround: Given that the UP and DOWN events occur in the same event block, hence effectively “simultaneously", as it were, it is likely that the event timer could be *really short* (i.e. too short for a human to notice the delay, but long enough for the computer to notice!) and still work. 
Worth a shot anyway...

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