Re: [fltk.general] Re: Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input

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Re: Re: Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input Ian MacArthur 05:37 Sep 24 top right image
On Friday, 24 September 2021 at 13:29:23 UTC+1 Albrecht Schlosser wrote:

I'm late to the party, but anyway... I tried the original test program
on my Linux Mint 20 system and didn't see any issues. It seems to toggle
the 2nd window as expected.

Hi Albrecht,
The behaviour is (at least rumoured to be) dependent on which specific X11 setup is used, and may vary from host to host, so it's quite likely that the same program will behave differently depending on which X / WM / whatever, is in use.

Which is a nuisance to work with...

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