Re: [fltk.general] Re: Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input

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Re: Re: Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input Ian MacArthur 05:33 Sep 24 top right image
On Friday, 24 September 2021 at 13:03:08 UTC+1 rs wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions, Ian.

FYI, the first managed to avoid the issue entirely (albeit with the 0.2 second delay).

OK. well that sounds reasonably positive I guess - FWIW the 200ms delay I set was entirely arbitrary, for the purposes of testing. It may be (should be) feasible to shorten that and still get robust behaviour, but lacking a suitable X11 box to try it on today, I just picked something...

The second still causes the keyboard events to fall over if the button is held down long enough.

OK, that's a pity: What that's really telling us is that I implemented it wrong, as that approach (or at least something very like it, only better!) should work!

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