Re: [fltk.general] Re: Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input

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Re: Re: Losing keyboard input under user 'spamming' input Ian MacArthur 01:24 Sep 24 top right image
On Friday, 24 September 2021 at 08:57:20 UTC+1 Ian MacArthur wrote:

Interestingly, I actually looked at the docs for Keyboard Events, and it includes this exhortation:

Todo: Add details on how to detect repeating keys, since on some X servers a repeating key will generate both FL_KEYUP and FL_KEYDOWN, such that to tell if a key is held, you need Fl::event_key(int) to detect if the key is being held down during FL_KEYUP or not.

I don't know who wrote that (I'm fairly sure it was not me, at any rate!) but that sounds like exactly the thing... Might be worth a try.

And for (even more!) completeness, here's what I think that might mean - though given that I'm not on X11 today I have no clue of this will work or not.
Works. OK on Win10, but that's not all that helpful in this instance...

#include <FL/Fl.H>
#include <FL/Fl_Double_Window.H>
#include <FL/Fl_Menu_Bar.H>

static int shown_v = 0;

class my_win : public Fl_Double_Window {

    int handle (int);

    int please_change;
    my_win(int x, int y,int w,int h,const char* L):Fl_Double_Window(x,y,w,h,L), please_change(0) {};
}; // my_win

int my_win::handle (int e) {
    int ret = Fl_Double_Window::handle(e);
    if (e == FL_KEYDOWN) {
        if (Fl::event_state() & FL_ALT) {
            if (Fl::event_key() == 's') {
                please_change = (-1);
                return 1;
    else if (e == FL_KEYUP) {
        if (please_change) {
            if ((Fl::event_state() & FL_ALT) && (Fl::event_key() == 's')) {
                // Probably a synthetic repeat keyup on X11? Ignore...
                return 1;
            else { // Assumed to be a real keyup
                please_change = 0;
                if (shown_v) {
                    shown_v = 0;
                else {
                    shown_v = 1;
                return 1;
    return ret;
} // my_win::handle

static void toggle_win (Fl_Widget*,void* data) {
    my_win* w = static_cast<my_win*>(data);

    if (shown_v) {
        shown_v = 0;
    else {
        shown_v = 1;
} // toggle_win

int main() {
    shown_v = 0;

    my_win *win2 = new my_win(0.5*Fl::w()-100,0.5*Fl::h()-100,200,200,"2nd Win");

    Fl_Double_Window *win = new Fl_Double_Window(0.5*Fl::w()-200,0.5*Fl::h()-200,400,400,"Main Win");
    win->box (FL_FLAT_BOX);

    Fl_Menu_Item items[] = {
        {"Menu1",0,0,0,FL_SUBMENU,0,0,FL_NORMAL_SIZE,FL_BLACK}, //0
        {"Hide/show second window",FL_ALT+'s',toggle_win,win2,0,0,0,FL_NORMAL_SIZE,FL_BLACK},

    Fl_Menu_Bar *menu = new Fl_Menu_Bar(0, 0, win->w(),25);
    menu->box (FL_BORDER_BOX);

    return Fl::run();
} // main
// end of file

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