Re: [fltk.general] Use native parent window with fltk widgets to retain Mac menubar of parent application

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Re: Use native parent window with fltk widgets to retain Mac menubar of parent application Ian MacArthur 13:24 Sep 23 top right image
On 23 Sep 2021, at 18:36, Bill Spitzak wrote:
> It would certainly be nice if this "no window menu" behavior was automatic if the fltk program did not try to set the main menu!

Yes - this is one of those tricky ones... I go back and forth a bit on what’s best.

The current way, I have code that #ifdef’s between setting up to use Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar (on OSX/macOS) and Fl_Menu_Bar (everywhere else) and adjusts the window height and widget origin slightly (by one menu bar height) accordingly - which is a PITA to set up but works well thereafter... (Basically, if you use Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar on WinXX or X11, you actually get a “plain” Fl_Menu_Bar, but then you need to make your window taller to accommodate it - or shorter on macOS, depending on how you look at that!)

It would be nice if it did this “magically” for me. Except... sometimes I want the Fl_Menu_Bar style everywhere, even on macOS, so I can see that there may be no “one size fits all” solution to this, really.

As a tangent, I also looked in the past at making Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar do the “system menu” thing on X11 systems using Ubuntu Unity or gnome-3 style desktops, that also have that menu style... but I got nowhere and my head may have exploded trying to figure it out...

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