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Re: incomplete Circle drawn with classes from PPP ken williams Apr 27, 2021 top right image
I've probably done something wrong when installing/uninstalling so many times...

there's a folder FL but it's empty
which I noticed that it's normal behavior after uninstalling FLTK (with sudo make uninstall)

[ken01@Manjaro FL]$ pwd
[ken01@Manjaro FL]$ ls
[ken01@Manjaro FL]$ 

but the libs are still there, and they shouldn't...

[ken01@Manjaro lib]$ pwd
[ken01@Manjaro lib]$ ls
libfltk.a  libfltk_forms.a  libfltk_gl.a  libfltk_images.a

so I installed FLTK (sudo make install)
and uninstalled it (sudo make uninstall)
and the files were automatically removed:

No fltk-config here:

[ken01@Manjaro bin]$ pwd
[ken01@Manjaro bin]$ ls
ccmake  cmake  cmake-gui  cpack  ctest  whatsapp-for-linux
[ken01@Manjaro bin]$ 

FL folder empty:

[ken01@Manjaro FL]$ pwd
[ken01@Manjaro FL]$ ls
[ken01@Manjaro FL]$ 

No libs:

[ken01@Manjaro lib]$ pwd
[ken01@Manjaro lib]$ ls
[ken01@Manjaro lib]$ 

but now the Makefile doesn't find the fltk-config...

[ken01@Manjaro 1.make_fltk]$ make
make: fltk-config: No such file or directory

and fltk-config is not found even from the home path:

[ken01@Manjaro bin]$ pwd
[ken01@Manjaro bin]$ ls
examples  fltk-config  fluid  test
[ken01@Manjaro bin]$ fltk-config --version
bash: fltk-config: command not found

I'm missing something else here?

I deleted the fltk folder and build it again from scratch:

git clone
mkdir build
cd build

but again, the fltk-config is not found...
Thanks again for all your help
I couldn't figure out all of this on my own!

On Monday, April 26, 2021 at 11:11:00 PM UTC+2 Ian MacArthur wrote:
On 26 Apr 2021, at 18:38, ken williams wrote:
> This is from my everyday machine, which has FLTK 1.4 build in home path, but it's not installed.
> Thanks!
> [ken01@Manjaro home]$ which fltk-config
> /usr/local/bin/fltk-config

OK - so this tells us that your shell (and therefore, by extension, your Makefile) are finding and using a fltk-config located in "/usr/local/bin”, which is not the fltk-config in your home folder path (which you have not installed.)

So this would seem to imply there is more than one fltk-1.4 present on your system, I guess, since the next line shows us that the fltk-config your shell finds reports itself to be 1.4.0.

> [ken01@Manjaro home]$ fltk-config --version
> 1.4.0

> [ken01@Manjaro home]$ fltk-config --cxxflags
> [ken01@Manjaro home]$ fltk-config --ldflags
> -L/usr/local/lib -lfltk -lm -lX11 -lXext -lpthread -lXinerama -lXfixes -lXcursor -lXft -lXrender -lm -lfontconfig -ldl
> [ken01@Manjaro home]$ fltk-config --includedir
> /usr/local/include

That all looks reasonable, but shows us that the fltk-config your Makefile is calling will be using include files from "/usr/local/include" and libraries linked from "/usr/local/lib" so, again, not the version in your “home" folders.

These are fairly normal install locations on most Linux distros.
Do you know what fltk is actually installed in these locations?
Indeed, is *any* fltk actually installed there at all, or is the fltk-config lying to us?

If you go to "/usr/local/include/FL" is there in fact a folder there, and does it have the various FL header files in it?
Does the file "/usr/local/lib/libfltk.a" exist? Along with the other fltk libs (libfltk_forms.a, libfltk_gl.a, libfltk_images.a)?

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