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Re: Re: "Flat" App Scheme Greg Ercolano Apr 27, 2021 top right image

On 4/27/21 1:33 AM, wrote:

[..]On the other hand these flat UIs have the downside that you can't tell what's a button, what's a menu and what's a label or just a background. You can hardly tell them apart. Sometimes it's even hard to tell with hovering your mouse over them, because the highlight coloring is also not that different from normal coloring.

    Heh, I have the same complaint.

    Even Apple fell into this sinkhole with iOS; for a while buttons weren't even delineated,
    just clickable black text. If there were any delineation clues, they were very low contrast,
    bad for folks who have a hard time seeing subtle shades of gray/colors. Horrible UI design.

    I noticed iOS improved over the last year or so, getting more consistent using e.g. blue text
    for most things that are clickable, since people are used to clicking "underlined blue text"
    links in browsers.

    I think in the OP's example though, it's mostly clear what's a button (blue) and what isn't.

    But it sure is easy for flat buttons to be suddenly confusing. (Do I push the "green things"
    or the "blue things"?) And at the top left in the OP's screenshot, I expect a lot of people
    wouldn't know if they can click "ROAST" and "RECIPES" or not, and might not get that
    they act like tabs until they click them.

    In silly apps it's OK for people to "feel around" the UI to explore it,
    but e.g. for industrial control, randomly clicking things could send equipment through a wall,
    so it's a good idea for the UI to be clear about what's a button and what isn't..!

    We'd just have to pick a clear widget set where tabs are clearly tabs, buttons are buttons, etc.

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