[fltk.general] Installing FLTK with Mingw in Windows

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Installing FLTK with Mingw in Windows Theodore 09:17 Sep 19 top right image
  Hi everyone!

I followed the steps from the README.Windows file and I succeded installing FLTK from an Msys2 shell with the commands:
make install

The problem is I don't know there where they are installed.
I was in the path C:\Program Files\fltk-1.4.x
So I assumed I installed them on this path.

But then I read on https://fltk.gitlab.io/fltk/intro.html this:
=== quote ===

Then Msys will "install" the libraries to where it thinks the path "/usr/local/" leads to. If you only ever build code from within the Msys environment this works well, but the actual "Windows path" these files are located in will be something like "C:\msys\1.0\local\lib", depending on where your Msys installation is rooted, which may not be useful to other tools.

If you want to install your built FLTK libraries in a non-standard location you may do:
sh configure --prefix=C:/FLTK

=== end quote ===

So I created a new subfolder:   "C:\Program Files\fltk-1.4.x\build" , I moved the "configure" file here and I tried to configure, build and install here.
But I get this error:

$ sh configure --prefix=C:/Program Files/fltk-1.4.x/build
sh: configure: No such file or directory

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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