Re: [fltk.general] Making a menu_bar submenu close when the menu_barloses focus

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Re: Making a menu_bar submenu close when the menu_barloses focus Greg Ercolano 08:36 Sep 15 top right image
On 2020-09-15 08:29, 'Philip Rose' via fltk.general wrote:
> Thanks Greg, I catch the “X to close” event normally.
> I am not seeing it as the menu item has the focus. So I don’t think this will help.

	Hmm, does the menu stay up when you click outside of it?
	That certainly would be bad, otherwise you can't get rid of the menu.

	Perhaps the first click is lost to unpost the menu, but a follow up click
	should close it.

	With firefox on linux, if I have a menu open and glide away from it, hover
	over a button and click, the menu unposts, but the button under the mouse
	doesn't 'see' the click until I click again.

	On the Mac I get different results;

	With Audacity (a QT based widget) if I click over a button while a system
	submenu is posted, the button under the mouse is ignored until I click again.

	But in Firefox if I do the same thing, the button under the mouse does fire
	on that first click away from the menu.

	I've noticed on macs that if one window is over another, you can click on a
	button of the lower window, and seems like sometimes the button fires without
	having to first bring the window forward, and othertimes not. Not sure what
	that's about either.

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