Re: [fltk/fltk] Not possible to raise font size (Issue #371)

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Re: [fltk/fltk] Not possible to raise font size (Issue #371) "Pierre Ossman (Work account)" 05:41 Jan 17 top right image

Please be more specific. "One example" is not suitable to investigate and base work on.

What we'd need is

* which constants should be adjusted or varied by font or widget size?

I'm afraid I didn't dig further. My goal was to increase the font size in TigerVNC, and when I saw that wasn't easily done I simply stopped at the first road block. I wanted to report the need here though to get it in the long term planning.

The overall goal was to make TigerVNC look more like everything else on the desktop. Font size was one of the deviations.

* what do you expect?

Basically what has been discussed here. That if things are hard coded, they should be hard coded as em:s, not px:s.

Allowing full control of margins would be extra nice, but that's more of a bonus in my case.

This is admittedly very subjective. Probably exacerbated by the fact that we've been using 13px for so long. But to me, increasing to 15px makes some things look very squished together. Like the spacing between a check box and the label.

(it's probably even a bit cramped in 13px IMHO)

What exactly does this mean, what is "modern text rendering", what are the issues?

Subpixel rendering, light hinting, and all the filtering around it does produce a slightly more blurry rendering, compared to the older, heavily hinted system. This has resulted in an increase in font sizes to maintain the same legibility.

But we don't really care why. We can just see that other applications use larger fonts, so we want to as well. To fit in.

@CendioOssman Another question: you wrote

Modern standard font size is around 11pt/13px, which is noticably larger than what FLTK is designed for

According to the code base FLTK's standard text (font) size is 14 (px), so what does the above statement mean? I don't understand, please enlighten me.

That statement was just confusing since 11pt does not equate to 13px, but rather 15px (14.67px). Sorry about that. 13px is what we are currently using, so I got things confused there.

We explicitly set 13px in TigerVNC (and ThinLinc for that matter), and I was under the impression that we did so to increase the font size, not decrease it. But the timelines do not match up for that, so I must be misremembering things.

What I can see from the commit logs supports part of what I remember though, that it was done to match the then current standard among other applications.

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