Re: [fltk/fltk] Fl_Cairo_Window docs should describe the default coordinate system (Issue #358)

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Re: [fltk/fltk] Fl_Cairo_Window docs should describe the default coordinate system (Issue #358) Albrecht Schlosser 12:38 Jan 16 top right image

Will follow up with a CMakeLists.txt patch once I get some time to test it.

@erco77 I took a stab at this (because it's CMake related) and it works well both with and without Cairo enabled. Here's my patch:

I tried your patch (cd examples; make) and noticed that it works with a Cairo-enabled lib but fails if FLTK is not built with Cairo. AFAICT the issue is in fltk-config --use-cairo ... which doesn't work correctly if Cairo is disabled (should it?).

Unfortunately I don't know of a simple way to "know" (in the Makefile) if FLTK has been configured with or w/o Cairo and fltk-config does a very questionable check (does lib/libfltk_cairo.a exist?) which is (a) error prone and (b) will not work in the future because I'm going to remove libfltk_cairo completely.

I believe the better way to go in examples/Makefile would be to use the variables defined in ../makeinclude which is included in examples/Makefile anyway but that's something I'd like to leave to you.

That said, feel free to use my CMake patch...

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